Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Make The Huawei Ascend Better !

The big question is how do i make my Huawei Ascend better? or even faster well today im going to give you links and describe a couple things you can do to make you Ascend the phone you wanted to buy. The first tip im going to give do not use a task manager every 15 mins. Android is a Linux based operating system its made to be dogged out on the track here is how it works Linux uses applications one process at a time when no processes is bein used it doesnt use them but rather stores them so when you open the program later it starts up faster. Using a task manager is what its name states Manager not killer manage your apps kill the one that dont matter while ignoring the ones that do. 
Install a custom Rom
Stock manufactures Roms while some are great some suck like Huawei's did installing a custom Rom can make a big difference here i will provide links for custom roms for you.

Launcher Pro

Another great thing you can do is replace you Home Launcher their are great alternatives to improve speed and style :)Sometimes company's like Motorola, Huawei, Samsung add their own Home Launcher to Android and sometimes its not the best so here are some choices for you to choose from and replacing your stock launcher.